Grow Your Online Business By Hosting Live Events

Hosting Live EventsHosting live events can change the way you are perceived by your local community, as well as by your prospects all over the world. I have not hosted more than thirty of my own workshops and events and want to explain to you how this came to be and why I am encouraging you to do something similar in your business.

I can remember years ago when I visited Home Depot and saw the schedule for their live workshops prominently featured by the main entrances to the store. For the life of me I could not figure out why this was so important to them. Then I attended one on how to replace the tile on your bathroom counter top and suddenly the bright light went on in my brain. These workshops gave them the opportunity to show off their expertise, showcase their staff, and recommend their products. Very smart.

So how can we emulate this model in our own business? The answer is to start small and grow over time. The first event I hosted in my own city took place in a small room at one of the local hotels. They charged me twenty-five dollars and gave me a three hour time frame. I had five people show up, mainly because I only invited people by calling or emailing them personally. This was in 2006 and I did not yet have the confidence to ask more people to attend. It went very well. We had a mastermind style discussion, with each of us sharing our thoughts and ideas on the topic of marketing ourselves and our businesses online. And I still know all five of those original people!

Within a year I decided to partner with a woman named Dr. Jeanette Cates so that we could host larger events and workshops across the United States. We did five of these over a two year period until we both decided to go our separate ways. Jeanette and I remain good friends to this day and continue to support each other in our business endeavors.

With this experience under my belt I was ready to host even more live events and workshops to attract people who would be interested in what I was doing in my online business. Now I offer two live events each year, either in Las Vegas or Los Angeles, as well as three or four Retreats in Santa Barbara for my smaller groups. My goal is similar to that of Home Depot in my example above. I get to show off my expertise, showcase my clients, and recommend my own courses, products, and programs.

You can do the same thing, no matter what your level of expertise or your topic. This is exactly what I am recommending:

  • Commit to hosting a small event within the next thirty days
  • Choose a local venue and invite three to five of your friends
  • At the end, ask for constructive feedback on your presentation
  • Schedule another event within sixty days and invite more people

Typically I prepare a PowerPoint presentation to use throughout my event, but you can also do it with just some notes or handouts. I like to prepare a Workbook for attendees to use to follow along, as well as to provide them with resources, additional information, and my contact details. I also give everyone who attends a copy of one of my books to thank them for coming.

If you want to take this to the next level, plan out in advance what you will offer people who attend as a follow up to your presentation. For example, at my last event I offered my Platinum Mastermind program to those who wished to apply. I handed out applications on the last day and several people joined my mentoring group. You may also want to offer special deals on your books, products, and courses throughout your event.

I sincerely hope you choose to incorporate live events and workshops into your business in 2015. It will definitely change the way you are perceived by the community and increase your bottom line in the long run.

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Letting Go of the Past

Letting go of the pastLetting Go of the Past

I was reading Tara Kachaturoff’s excellent post on the topic of letting go of the past in order to have a more productive and powerful 2015, and it reminded me of the importance of doing this on a regular basis instead of just once a year.

We tend to get stuck on people, events, and habits that may have served us months or even years ago, but that no longer have a place in our minds or in our physical lives. This is an excerpt from Tara’s post that is food for thought here:

“Moreover, the process of letting go …

  • frees you to engage in your life’s next great adventure
  • energizes your soul as your confidence soars
  • creates space so you can welcome in other people, things and ideas that align with your heart and soul
  • signals growth in that you’ve “been there, done that” and now you’re ready to do new, bigger and better things
  • presents you with the opportunity for refreshment and rejuvenation —  mentally, emotionally and physically; yes, as you engage in new input and learning, new neural networks are constructed within your brain

Okay, you’ve asked the question, now what? Answering a question is interesting, but that’s not going to change anything. It’s not going to get you where you want to go. The real magic happens when you take action. Life rewards action.”

During the remainder of this year and into 2015 I vow to eliminate a toxic business relationship from my life, to understand more fully that someone I have been trying to help with his mental health issues and his receding income does not want or appreciate my help, and to seek out new business relationships with people who are open to changing their lives in a major way by stepping into integrity around their current situation.

If you have spent time trying to get a friend, loved one, or business associate to ‘see the light’ in regards to a situation that is definitely not working for them, slowly step away and understand they do not want to change. Letting go of this responsibility will free you up to help others who are ready to allow prosperity and well being into their life right now.

As Tara so eloquently phrases it…

And, when you decide to let go, on your terms — of whatever it may be — a thought, a mindset, a memory, a habit, a job, a client, a personal or professional relationship — that’s the moment the universe opens to you. It creates a space where you can invite other things in — those that are personally selected and aligned with your vision and values.

Just preparing this post has lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders. What are you willing to let go of as we round the final corner before heading into the new year?

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Living the Internet Lifestyle

Living the Internet LifestyleLiving the Internet Lifestyle

This morning I received a message from one of my online friends, where he shared that he is now working from a city about twenty-five miles north of where he lives in order to rekindle the fire in his business. I’ve been doing this for the past three and a half years and it works unbelievably well.

I live in two cities, eighty miles apart here in southern California. One is Santa Clarita, a suburban city of almost 300K deep in the desert. It’s still 85 degrees Fahrenheit or so every day, and I love living out in the country among the owls, possums, and even the howling coyotes.

My other residence is a mile from the Pacific Ocean in Santa Barbara. This city has a unique appeal that makes me feel like I live in a small village. It’s ‘sweater weather’ this week, and the waves have an extra flair as they crash against the shore after last night’s full moon.

Going back and forth between these two cities has kept me on my toes when it comes to maintaining my creativity, writing prolifically, and feeling blessed to have this amazing life of an online entrepreneur.

You can do the same thing no matter where you live. I wrote about this in ‘Living the Internet Lifestyle’, one of the books I published as a part of my pursuit to help you get started online. I continued the discussion in my later books, as well as at my live events and the Retreats I host several times a year in Santa Barbara.

It all begins with your desire to jump start your business in a huge way. Then you choose the destination where you want to spend more time. I initially did this in a city named Ventura, which is on the beach about forty-five miles from Santa Clarita. I would leave my house in Santa Clarita on a Friday morning and make the one hour drive over to Ventura to enjoy the ocean and the cool breezes. I would sit and write on a bench overlooking the beach or at a nearby coffee shop and then have lunch at one of the little places along the pier. After lunch I would check in to the hotel and do a few hours of work before heading out to dinner. The following morning I would work until checkout time and then go back to my bench to write some more before heading back home. I ended up being in Ventura for about thirty hours, which was just enough time to feel rejuvenated and invigorated to keep my business moving.

Several years ago I realized that my business was doing well enough for me to have a second residence in Santa Barbara, a city I fell in love with almost thirty years ago when I attended their first international film festival. I now have two lives in these two diverse cities and love every moment of it.

Do you have a place you get away to on a regular basis? Please leave a comment and tell us more about how this has impacted your business.

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Online Marketing Tips Podcast: New Marketing Strategies 2015

New Marketing Strategies for 2015 : Online Marketing Tips Podcast

Online Marketing Tips PodcastIt’s almost 2015, so it’s time for some new marketing strategies to build and grow your online business. That’s the topic of this podcast, and I also answer a variety of questions from those on the live call.

The focus of this podcast training call was online marketing tips for online entrepreneurs, so I referenced my recent post on New Marketing Strategies for 2015. In this article I share my insights for building a lucrative and successful online business in the coming year and beyond using a three-pronged approach of having a book, a blog, and a podcast to increase your credibility, visibility, and your bottom line.

You may be just starting out with your hosted WordPress blog, in which case you’ll want to use a robust autoresponder service such as Aweber. On this call I also discussed using a premium theme and using free, rebrandable reports for your free giveaway on your site. These are listed below and include:

  • 8 Free rebrandable reports from Dennis Becker, to be used as free giveaways to build your list, or in any of a number of other ways.
  • The new WordPress theme I’ll be using very soon. It’s incredibly versatile.
  • The autoresponder service a majority of online entrepreneurs use, Aweber.

I take questions from those who attended the live recording, including why it’s important to use a domain with your name in it as your main site, how to install the Pinterest button on your browser, the name of the local publication I’ve written a column in for the past three years, promoting your blog posts once you have written them, and using a plugin called Pretty Link to shorten and track your affiliate links.

This online marketing tips podcast, as well as all of the calls in my podcast series is intended to teach you and other new online entrepreneurs how to take your business to the next level quickly and effectively, and as a way for me to share my exact Case Studies, secrets, and advice on creating a profitable and lucrative online business using the ‘multiple income streams’ approach. People on six continents have now discovered that starting an Internet business is the fastest way to achieve both time and financial freedom, as well as to great success in all areas of your life, and you need help to get there quickly. That’s why I started this online marketing tips podcast for my community.

You will see that each podcast session is first recorded live as a teleseminar, and then repurposed into a podcast to extend my reach to the world. Please join my list (opt in on the right) to be included on these calls, and be sure to introduce yourself and share your site for optimal exposure for years to come! Also, check out my Podcast Show Notes site to see how you can subscribe at no cost to both of my podcasts, and please leave me a review on one or both of them.

You may now pick up my popular training on winning affiliate contests and other online marketing tips for only seven dollars at Affiliate Contest Secrets. Use the discount code CONTEST to bring the price down to $7. This training has been completely updated for with the latest information, strategies, and Case Studies for you to use in your own business.

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It’s A Wonderful Life

It's a wonderful life!It’s A Wonderful Life

This week I played a game of ‘What if?’ in regards to my choice to leave my previous life behind and come online at the end of 2005. If you are familiar with Frank Capra’s 1946 classic holiday film, which starred James Stewart and Donna Reed you know that it tells the story of George Bailey (portrayed by Stewart) as a man who has given up his dreams in order to help others. On Christmas Eve he contemplates suicide and is then connected with his Guardian Angel, Clarence. Clarence shows George all the lives he has touched and how different life in his community would be had he never been born.

Although my life has not been nearly as dramatic, I did have moments in 2005 where I questioned the work I was doing and wondered if I would ever have the time and the money to help others the way I had always intended. I had worked for twenty years as a classroom teacher in the public schools of Los Angeles, while simultaneously working as a real estate broker and residential appraiser. I was about to celebrate my fiftieth birthday and felt as though I had squandered the best years of my life by working ten to twelve hours a day, six or seven days each week for all of those years.

So this week I asked myself ‘What if?’ What if…I had made other choices?, been afraid to risk my financial security?, not connected with the people who would teach me how to get started? I went back over that time day by day in my mind, and this is what I came up with…

I wake up one day in April of 2005 and realize that I want a new life. I have absolutely no idea how this can happen, but I believe I must make an effort to see what’s available. I begin reading, attending seminars, and talking to people about the possibilities.

In the summer of 2005 I met another real estate appraiser at a building site about twenty-five miles north of where I was living at that time. The area is called Santa Clarita, and that day I put down a deposit on a new home that was to be built that fall. I have no idea how I will be able to see this through but I have faith that if it is meant to be, I will find a way.

In December of 2005 the home is ready, and I spend the first two months of 2006 putting together the financing so that I’ll be the new owner. In March I begin moving in.

I realize that I want to completely change my life, not just the location and setting where I live. This requires me to stretch way out of my comfort zone as I begin to explore the world of online marketing and entrepreneurship. At first I reject the idea of coming online because I honestly feel like I have nothing to offer anyone else. I work on my ‘inner game’ until I believe that I can make a difference in other people’s lives with the work I will do.

In April of 2006, after learning as much as I possibly could about online marketing for the past six months I finally earn twenty-one dollars and sixty cents from the sale of an affiliate product, an eBook on dog training. I then believe that I can be successful as an online entrepreneur.

This sets in motion a chain of events that would lead to me deciding to resign from the school district in June of 2006, and to begin turning over all of my real estate clients to others who were working in this area full time. By July 1 of 2006, I was unemployed and unemployable.

This is when the hard work began and I was Continue reading

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Content Syndication Strategy

Content Syndication StrategyContent Syndication Strategy

One way to increase your reach with your content is through content syndication. Content syndication licenses your content, or parts of your content, to be published on other platforms and can help lead new audiences to your website or blog. Content syndication can help you build a larger fan base, bring more publicity, improve SEO, and allow for more widespread sharing of your content on social media.

I started doing this without even being aware of the power and leverage it was giving me back in 2006. I wrote articles for the article directories, distributed groups of my articles and blog posts as short reports, and jumped on board with social media as soon as it appeared. These days my content marketing strategy is a huge part of my overall business plan.

Choose the Right Content Syndication Strategy Partner

Syndication isn’t about duplicate content; it’s about forming a relationship with a partner that will help push your content out to their audience while providing a link back to your website, giving you more credibility and perhaps also putting you inside an advertising network of sites so that you can share revenue. Some examples of sites that do this well are,, and

Know Your Niche

Part of choosing the right syndication partner is to understand who your audience is, and what your niche is. If you have a technology blog, you don’t want to syndicate on a food network and vice versa. Ensure that you choose a popular, legitimate, and well-run network so that it will pay off for you in terms of increased traffic and revenue.

Syndication Networks Legitimize Your Content

There are syndication partners in every niche that accept applications for participation in their network. One popular one is Outbrain is focused on finding great content for their audience. It revolves around using the content on your site to recommend other content to your audience that resides on your site and other people’s sites, depending on which plan you choose. When you sign up you put the code on your site, as others have it on theirs, and you each have an equal opportunity of recommending the others’ content.

Syndication Offers Monetization Opportunities

As you can tell if you’ve looked at some of the recommendations, these syndication sites are advertising networks. While recommending your content to others and sending them deeper into your site, you will also share in ad revenue that the network sells based on having thousands of smaller sites banded together. This makes advertising sales more lucrative for even the small publisher.

Build Your Traffic Up First

To syndicate your content, work hard to build up your traffic. The more traffic you have, the more leverage you will have with the networks you apply to. In the syndication game, traffic is currency. There are many ways to increase your traffic, as I have written about in numerous posts to this blog.

Know Your Syndication Goals

Do you want to drive traffic? Do you want to provide education? Know your goals so that you can choose the right network that will help you reach those goals.

Work on Your Content Strategy

To be accepted by legitimate syndication networks your content needs to address your audience, be honest, not be spam, and look professional. Professional content has compelling headlines and benefits for the reader whether they choose to sign up for your list and buy from you or not.

Understand the Different Types of Syndication

There are free and paid syndication. An example of free content syndication is Then there are advertisement-supported networks as mentioned earlier. Finally there are licensed syndication networks like Outbrain.

Once you have worked out these issues and understand your goals, you can work on your content syndication strategy. Before joining any network, read all the fine print. You want to ensure that you never break the rules or contracts to make the most of a syndication network.

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The Recession is Over – 4th Quarter 2014 Recovery is Here!

Recession is OverThe Recession is Over!

Are you ready to have an excellent 4th quarter? The recession is over. Yes, you read that correctly. The economy in the United States and abroad is now back on track as we make our way through the recovery process.

Are you taking full advantage of our economy’s recovery? The period of time right after a recession ends is historically the best time ever for your business.The recession affected us more deeply than any hit on the economy since most of us have been alive, and now we have the opportunity to grow at a steady pace to build a business that will thrive. If you have used the recession as an excuse to not grow your business over the past few years, it is my opinion that that excuse is now null and void.

The 4th quarter of 2014 officially began on October 1. This time of the year is very important for many types of businesses. Retail, Fortune 500 and even my own online marketing business all make a big push in the 4th quarter. People are once again in the buying mood.  We have some of the most profitable times – Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas shopping – all occurring during the 4th quarter.

So, what will this mean for you? No matter what type of business you are in, hold your head up high and know that you are making a difference to many people’s lives. Whether you have employees or hire independent contractors, as I do, the fact that you run a business allows them to earn a living. Gather your workers together and share your thoughts and ideas for what the 4th quarter can mean to your company. This will be the first year in many that sales will be on the upswing across the board, and that always feels good to be a part of.

Make sure to have enough inventory on hand. All of my physical products are sourced here in the United States, but that may not be the case for your business. Contact your suppliers now to be sure they can meet the need for the next few months. If you import from China, Taiwan, or anywhere else make sure to have all of your paperwork in order to ensure shipments get to you as quickly as possible.

If necessary, ask your bank to extend or increase your credit line so that you will have enough available to purchase what you need. I have experienced the banks loosening up in this area as our economy continues to improve. It is much better to have more than you anticipate at this time of the year, especially this year.

Also, make sure that you have an Internet presence, no matter what field you are in. We are all super busy, so the web is usually our first stop when it comes to searching for what we need.

Here is what I am recommending when it comes to having an online presence:

  • Use a domain name that readily identifies your company
  • Make sure your site is simple to navigate
  • Start collecting the names and email address of visitors
  • Follow up with people who visit to see what they need
  • Make customer service an even greater priority

This coming year is your opportunity to begin anew with a clean slate. If you are still in business after what we all went through over these past six years or so, celebrate. Know that you have achieved something worth noting and that there are many good years ahead of you. Have the vision to start planning now for the future.

Be sure to connect with a local networking group or a service organization to stay abreast of what’s happening locally. I have been a member of Rotary since 2006 and the relationships I continue to build through that group have been a true blessing for my business. Go online to see which groups and meetings will be convenient for you each week.

Know that being an entrepreneur or small business owner is a powerful position to be in these days. With the right information and perspective you have the ability to change your life and the world with your ideas, innovations, and more. I’d love to hear from you on how you made this 4th quarter of 2014 the most lucrative and successful quarter you have ever experienced.

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Online Marketing Tips Podcast: Outsourcing PLR

Outsourcing PLR: Online Marketing Tips Podcast

Online Marketing Tips PodcastOutsourcing PLR (Private Label Rights) to build your online business is the topic of my most recent online marketing tips podcast. I have been using PLR to build my online business since 2006, and cannot imagine creating so much content and so many information products without it.

I explain exactly how you can do this as well by following my proven model. During this training I go into great detail as to how I choose the PLR packages based on their topic, go through the content initially, repurpose it into blog posts and short reports by changing and editing it slightly, and then turn it into an information product to sell online. I also share my thoughts on outsourcing part of this to others to save us time.

I recommend purchasing the highest quality PLR from the people I have worked with from the very beginning. These include:

I take questions from those who attended the live recording, including why it’s important to use a separate domain for each product you create, choosing PLR that will be attractive to a wider audience, how to get the technical side of things up and running, attending live and virtual events, and my own upcoming event, The Weekend Marketer: Affiliate Marketing for Everyone, in Las Vegas October 10-12. Also, when I am asked how to start earning right away I share the details of what I did that very first year that made a huge difference in the level of my success.

This online marketing tips podcast, as well as all of the calls in my podcast series is intended to teach you and other new online entrepreneurs how to take your business to the next level quickly and effectively, and as a way for me to share my exact Case Studies, secrets, and advice on creating a profitable and lucrative online business using the ‘multiple income streams’ approach. People on six continents have now discovered that starting an Internet business is the fastest way to achieve both time and financial freedom, as well as to great success in all areas of your life, and you need help to get there quickly. That’s why I started this online marketing tips podcast for my community.

You will see that each podcast session is first recorded live as a teleseminar, and then repurposed into a podcast to extend my reach to the world. Please join my list (opt in on the right) to be included on these calls, and be sure to introduce yourself and share your site for optimal exposure for years to come! Also, check out my Podcast Show Notes site to see how you can subscribe at no cost to both of my podcasts, and please leave me a review on one or both of them.

You may now pick up my popular training on winning affiliate contests and other online marketing tips for only seven dollars at Affiliate Contest Secrets. Use the discount code CONTEST to bring the price down to $7. This training has been completely updated for with the latest information, strategies, and Case Studies for you to use in your own business.

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30 Day Business Challenge

30-Day-Business-Challenge30 Day Business Challenge

With just over twelve weeks left in 2014, is your business where you expected it to be when you planned back in December or January? Earlier today I was reading a post from Geoff Hoff, my friend, co-author on two my books, and technology whisperer. Geoff has been ill recently and is now in the process of rebuilding his business from the ground up. He is challenging his readers to blog every day for the next thirty days, but I am challenging you to do more; I want you to think of this as a 30 Day Business Challenge where you will take action every day over the next month to move your business forward productively.

I will be joining you on this Challenge. My business may be at a very different level than yours is at the current time, but we must all make great effort on a very regular business if we are to succeed with our goals and dreams.

Geoff wrote…’For some time, I’ve known just below the surface that I was very dissatisfied with how things were going, with what I’d created and accomplished.’

Does this ring true with your online business? I felt this way during my first year online, and soon realized it was because I was not working and creating at my full potential. In fact, I was doing very mediocre work and my income reflected that. Once I committed to stepping up and playing full out everything changed.

Over the next few weeks I will be speaking at one event and hosting my own three day marketing workshop. I also have many family and personal commitments. But I promise to report back as to what I am doing each day as a part of this 30 Day Business Challenge. It may start with writing blog posts, but please be open to changing what you do on a daily basis to achieve the results you are worthy of achieving.

What will you be working on this month?

September 25, 2014 – Today I wrote a blog post, emailed my list, and outsourced some tasks to three different people. I also reviewed the course I am in that teaches me how to sell physical products on Amazon.

September 26, 2014 – Today I spent almost two hours reviewing some additional training for my physical products business and made a phone call to one of my suppliers to provide them with information on my packaging and label design.

September 27, 2014 – I spent the day getting everything ready for my upcoming live event, Weekend Marketer Live Workshop, in Las Vegas next week. This included finishing the Workbook, the PowerPoint presentation, and the product we will create and sell during the event, The Genius Hour Interviews.

September 28, 2014 – Today I am having all of the materials from my Workshop printed, and doing another 10K Laser Coaching session with Adrienne Dupree and Mike Darling.

September 29, 2014 – I am spending today getting caught up from the weekend with answering some emails, speaking with a vendor for my Amazon business, updating two blog posts, and checking in with my mentees to see how they are progressing.

September 30, 2014 – Today I’m working on my new course, Write.Publish.Prosper. This four week training will teach you how to write your full length book within the next 30 days, market it, and build up your business based upon the book’s topic. This is what I have done ten times so far, and it continues to be the way I grow and expand my business.

October 1, 2014 – Today I drove a hundred fifty miles to San Diego for an online marketing event. Much of the focus is on selling physical products on Amazon, and everything that is needed to be successful as an entrepreneur. I connected with several people who will be instrumental in helping me to achieve my near and future goals.

October 2, 2014 - This day brought new challenges as I realized what else I need to do to grow my business into 2015. I have made a commitment to myself to take action immediately when I return home in two days. I have almost filled up my live Workshop in Las Vegas!

October 3, 2014 – Today I am attending the the final day of the marketing event here in San Diego. Lots of great information and connecting with new and old friends, colleagues, and clients.

October 4, 2014 – Today two of my students and I visited a couple of retail stores to check out possible inventory to send to Amazon, as well as going to an office supply store to pick up a new easel for me to use in Las Vegas next week at my event. Then I am driving back home, a one hundred fifty mile drive.

October 5, 2014 – I completed and posted a new blog post on this site about the idea that the recession is over, sent the post out to social media, and then opened up my PowerPoint presentation for my event. I will work on that for one hour today.

October 6, 2014 – Today I’m writing the sales copy for a brand new product. It’s called The Genius Hour and includes recordings from almost thirty people in the area of mindset. I am also putting the finishing touches on my presentations for the Weekend Marketer Live Workshop that begins on Friday.

October 7, 2014 – I am driving two hundred fifty miles to host my live Workshop, Weekend Marketer Live in Las Vegas. Please let me know if you will be coming. Our topic this time is ‘Affiliate Marketing for Everyone‘. Also, my tenth book – The Transformational Entrepreneur – is ready!

October 8, 2014 – We are half way through this 30 Day Business Challenge. Do you feel like you are more productive because you are taking action each day? Today I am working on an email sequence for a new course I will be teaching. My focus is on helping the people who will purchase my training to consume, implement, and then let me know how they are progressing along the way. The course is on writing, publishing, and marketing a book during a thirty day period.

October 9, 2014 – Today I am meeting with my Platinum Mastermind members at our semi-annual ‘day before’ event. This is where we take a close look at each person’s business to see what is working and what they need to work on. Having this collaborative approach to build a successful business benefits everyone in a big way.

October 10 – My Weekend Marketer Live Workshop begins today! The theme this time is ‘Affiliate Marketing for Everyone!’ I am blessed to have such a wonderful group of entrepreneurs come to learn from me.

October 11 – The Workshop continues, and today I am teaching the strategies that work for niche sites, including setting up your WordPress site, creating relevant content, and choosing products to recommend on your topic.

October 12 – Today my live Workshop concludes, so I am focused on delivering my very best content to those in attendance.

October 13 – Today I again meet with my Platinum Mastermind Mentees for a brainstorming session. We discuss the three day live event, our next live event (in May, 2015), and what they will do as soon as they return home.

October 14, 2014 – Today I am driving back to southern California. During this four to five hour drive I will think about my business in a way that will lend itself to helping me move forward for the remainder of the year. We now have about ten weeks left in the year.

October 15 – Today I began outlining my next online course. I want to teach people how I have been able to write ten full length books during the past four years, and how these books have turned me into an internationally known speaker, bestselling author, and online marketing strategist.

October 16 – Today I am working on new blog posts, short reports, and other syndicated content for my many websites.

October 17 – The outlining of my newest course – Write. Publish. Prosper. continues. I will begin teaching this course to my students before the end of the month.

October 18 – Today I am working on updating all of my niche sites. Even though I have have people to help me with this, I like to look at each one personally every quarter.

October 19 – Niche site updating continues from yesterday. It’s important to make sure that all of my links are working and that each site has relevant content for the specific topic.

October 20 – Today I am fighting a cold and am not doing any work online, except for sending out an email to my list.

October 21 – Feeling much better today and back to working on my new online course – Write. Publish. Prosper.

October 22 – Today I am spending time with a corporate client to help them with a direct mail campaign for the upcoming holiday season.

October 23, 2014 – Today I am spending time with my Amazon physical products business to make sure my newest product is on track to be completed by the manufacturer on schedule.

October 24, 2014 – Today I am completing my PowerPoint presentations for my new Write.Publish.Prosper. course and working on the sales letter.

This completes my 30 Day Business Challenge. Did you follow along to see what I was working on each day? Did you challenge yourself to do something every single day to build your business? Taking action towards your goals on a daily basis allows ordinary people to do extraordinary things.


What are you working on today for the 30 Day Business Challenge?

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Marketing Your Podcast

Marketing Your PodcastMarketing Your Podcast

The best way to increase the number of listeners you have is to tell everyone about your new podcast. If you have an email newsletter, then promote, and link to your podcast in your emails. If you have a blog, promote and link to your podcast there like I do in my sidebar. Include a signature ‘visit my podcast’ or ‘listen here’ in every email. And of course, don’t forget to promote your podcast on your website! Place a link to your podcast on your website, with a headshot photo, a call to action like ‘listen here’ and an intriguing headline.

Linking to and from favorite podcasts or other relevant podcasts is also a great way to increase your audience. And don’t worry if the number of listeners you have is small in the beginning. Podcasts are a medium and, like e-zines and blogs, tend to grow as word gets out. The key is to get listeners ‘hooked’ on your podcast so that they’re listening to every podcast regularly and talking to their friends and associates about it. The best way to get them hooked is to provide great content.

How to Use Podcasting: Tips and Suggestions
Tip #1 Make sure you speak in a strong, confident voice and add inflection. If you sound like you’re uncertain about what you’re saying, your listeners will think so too.

Tip #2 Make sure that your broadcasting frequency is consistent. You want people to make listening to your podcast a habit.

Tip#3 Offer variety. Include different guests and formats if possible. This will keep listeners intrigued and engaged.

Tip #4 Make sure that your podcast content is different from your blog content, articles and e-zine content. Chances are that listeners will explore all of your content, and if it is redundant they will lose interest.

Tip #5 Focus on content, not sales pitches. Your listeners will readily listen if you’re providing content that offers them a benefit. However, if it’s merely a sales pitch you’ll lose them immediately.

Tip #6 Plan on Podcasting for the long haul. Podcasters who “test” the medium with one or two podcasts lose out on the opportunity of building an audience. Podcasting is a medium that builds an audience over time and a “test run” won’t give you the results you’re looking for.

Tip #7 Don’t read directly from your script. Practice it a few times so that you know what you’re going to say and then let the podcast recording flow naturally.

Tip #8 Invite others to contribute to your podcast by calling in, speaking, or contributing topic ideas.

Tip #9 Include music at the beginning and end, and use the same music each time so that your audience begins to identify the music with your podcast.

Tip #10 Give each podcast a headline or title. Make sure that it offers your audience a benefit such as “10 Tips to Lifelong Happiness.”

Tip #11 Podcasting is a very personal medium. Talk to your audience like you’re talking to a friend, as if you’re having a one-on-one conversation.

Tip #12 Podcasting, like any marketing tool, needs to be tested and evaluated from time to time to make sure that you’re getting optimal exposure. Track downloads and test headlines for open rates. Track click through rates by sending audiences to specific web pages. Many audio/podcasting services give you important statistics on downloads, play time and listens to completion.  This makes it easy to know if people are listening and enables you to make quick changes to meet what your audience demands.

Tip #13 If you’re uneasy writing a podcast or audio script, you can outsource the project by hiring a freelance writer to create your script. Remember to personalize the script when you make your recording.

Tip #14 Before you begin Podcasting, research your competition’s podcasts or audio files. Find out what they do that you can do better and differently.

Tip #15 Before you begin Podcasting, visit and listen to numerous successful podcasts inside and outside of your industry. What makes the good ones good? What can you take away from the successful podcasts and make your own?

Adding a podcast to your marketing mix and to your website is a valuable and economical marketing tool that can bring you fantastic results. You’ll grow your target audience, build a community around your brand, product, or service, and – best of all – you’ll help people learn more. Podcasts are a win-win for both you and your customer.

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