Thank You Pages to Build Your Online Business

Thank You PagesStrategic Thank You Pages

Few products stand alone. There is always something more to learn, tools to help us be more efficient, and related concepts to explore. Your download, or thank you page is the perfect place to help your buyers discover additional resources, and to build your passive income portfolio.

If you are not creating strategic thank you pages for your opt in pages and product/course/service download pages you are most definitely leaving money on the table. I did this during my first few years online and now know better.

Consider adding:

  • Coupon codes for additional purchases – I do this for my Internet Marketing Six Pack course
  • Recommendations for related products (yours or affiliate products)
  • Bonus downloads with promotional links

If it helps, think of this as adding value to your buyers (because you are) rather than selling them additional products. You don’t have to be pushy to create a solid passive income strategy, but you do have to care about your buyers’ experience. When you keep that in mind, sales come naturally.

You may also want to use your thank you pages to ask readers and clients to take a survey. Keep it short and ask specific questions you actually want answered to help you grow your business. For instance, you may want to ask them what products and courses they would most like to see you develop. Five to ten questions is a good length for a survey.

Another excellent addition to your thank you pages is asking them to tell you a little more about themselves by answering the following questions:

  • What are you struggling with (and how may I help you to fix it)
  • What are your goals (as specific as possible) for this year?
  • What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to [your topic]?

And finally, ask for their feedback. Asking for specific feedback gives you a more complete picture about what, why and how your community interacts with your site, products and services. Getting the answers straight from your them is your secret weapon for spotting problems and opportunities in your business. Whatever you do, make sure to make the most of your thank you pages.

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The Internet Marketing Lifestyle: Online Marketing Tips

Online Marketing TipsOnline Marketing Tips

Recently I was asked to share what it means to me to have an online business. Tips I shared with the person I was discussing this topic with included details about the time and financial freedom one is able to enjoy as an online entrepreneur, as well as the lifestyle you are able to live when you can work from home, or from wherever you are in the world with an internet connection.

Long ago I worked as a classroom teacher, and to make ends meet I worked simultaneously as a real estate broker and residential appraiser. Over the years I grew weary of working six or seven days each week and still not being able to take time off or save much money. When I made the decision to leave that world behind in 2006 it was to live the internet lifestyle and to create a life for myself where I would have both the time and the income to call the shots every day. My life changed completely when I took action on my dream, and you can do the same thing if you understand what it takes to make it happen.

If this is a lifestyle you are interested in creating for yourself, here are some online marketing tips I will share with you:

  • Be prepared to work longer and harder than you ever have before for at least the first year so that you can “do for a year what others won’t; live the way others can’t, forever.”
  • Be the toughest boss you have ever had in the physical world. Focus and discipline will mean the difference between success and failure.
  • Take action every single day, if only for fifteen minutes. Keep what I refer to as a “dynamic to-do list” and get into creative mode by writing down your thoughts and ideas and then taking action to implement them.
  • Remember that online entrepreneurship is a business. Treat it like a business and it will pay you like a business. Treat it like a hobby and it will cost you like a hobby.
  • Know that the three parts of your business that are most important are posting to your blog at least twice a week, emailing your list as least twice a week, and creating simple information products to sell to others. Good enough is good enough, so do not complicate it.

I hope these online marketing tips have been helpful. You can achieve success and have time freedom and financial freedom if you follow my steps. Having an online business means you are in control of your own life and your destiny, and there can be no greater reward when it comes to your business.

Take a Look at My Internet Marketing Six Pack to Get Started as an Online Entrepreneur.


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How to Create an Autoresponder Series

How to Create an Autoresponder SeriesLearning How to Create an Autoresponder Series

When is the last time you reviewed your autoresponder messages? While it’s great that you can simply “set it and forget it,” if you don’t take the time to review your results, you’re very likely leaving money on the table.

And if you don’t have a solid autoresponder series in place, you’re definitely missing out!

Start by considering why your subscribers joined your list in the first place. What was the offer she opted in for? Your autoresponder sequence should build on that, leading naturally from one offer to the next while providing additional value.

For example, if you offer a quick start guide to Facebook advertising as your opt-in incentive, then in your follow-up emails you can add value and build your passive income by:

  • Sharing resources for graphics—both free and paid
  • Reviewing a course you took on advertising
  • Sharing copywriting tips and a link to a great book about the subject
  • Providing case studies about your success with ads, with an offer for a full-training program
  • Detailing your opinion on a new tool, such as a retargeting pixel manager

All of this content is a natural follow-up to the guide your readers initially opted in to receive, so it’s welcome information for them, as well as an opportunity for you to earn some passive income by including affiliate links.

If you don’t yet have an opt-in offer on your website, you can create one in just a few hours. It doesn’t have to be complex or even comprehensive. In fact, short content often makes a more compelling offer, so consider:

  • Checklists
  • Worksheets
  • Mindmaps
  • Resource guides
  • Audio or video replays

If you’re lacking for ideas or content, check out some PLR (private label rights) content from Coaching Sticky Glue or Lead Magnets as a starting point. This can be quite helpful whether you’re a new online entrepreneur or a seasoned marketer. Then all you need to do is drive traffic to your free offer. What could be easier? (Or more passive!)

Knowing how to create an autoresponder series and then actually setting it up is invaluable to your business. What are your thoughts on this topic?

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The Art of Writing Persuasive Sales Copy

Writing persuasive sales copyAre You Writing Persuasive Sales Copy?

Writing persuasive sales copy can change the way your online business is perceived, as well as increase your bottom line. Learning how to write in this way is a skill that can be learned and I will share some tips on that here with you.

  1. Storytelling – We all grew up listening to and learning from stories, so it just makes sense that storytelling would be the magic ingredient in writing persuasive sales copy. Your stories enable you to take complex or abstract ideas and present them in a simple and easy to understand format.
  2. Write Like You Speak – Writing your sales copy in a conversational tone is key. Instead of writing to impress your reader, simple write the way you would naturally speak to them. Writing persuasive sales copy is about communicating one to one through your words.
  3. Features and Benefits – No one really cares about the features of what you are selling; it’s the benefits those features will bring to your prospect that will make them more likely to buy. I have found that by presenting the benefits first, and then relating them to the features, your reader will understand exactly what’s in it for him if he takes the action you are suggesting.
  4. Sub-Headings, Bulleted Lists, and Short Paragraphs – Most of us are “scanners” when it comes to reading through large chunks of writing. If you take the time to break it up into sections and divide the text into short paragraphs, your reader will be able to work their way through your sales copy more easily. They will also be far more likely to purchase. I also recommend sub-headings for each section and bulleted lists that explain exactly what you are offering and what will be included.

I hope this post has been helpful and that you have more clarity when it comes to writing persuasive sales copy.

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Building Your Blog, Building Your Business

Building Your BlogBuilding Your Blog to Build Your Business

If you are blogging (and you will most definitely benefit by doing so regularly) then your blog is a fantastic source of passive income. I have already talked about adding a resource page in an earlier post, but now let’s dive into the blog posts themselves.

Each and every blog post has a job to do. Please don’t ever spend your time writing, editing, formatting, and promoting a post whose only task is to take up space on your site.

Instead, your each post must have a strong focus that leads naturally to a solid call to action.

Calls to action can be:

  • An offer to buy one of your products or services
  • An invitation to a discovery (pre-coaching) call
  • A recommendation to check out an affiliate or JV offer
  • An invitation to a live/virtual workshop or conference
  • An opt-in offer

Or it could even be a link to read more about the subject, join your Facebook group, or leave a comment.

The point is, each post is an opportunity to grow your following and create passive income—either directly or indirectly—and your call to action should be foremost in your mind as you’re writing each article. Building your blog is worth your time and effort and will pay off handsomely over the years.

Of course, if you’re like most bloggers, you have hundreds or maybe thousands of posts that are not as well monetized as they could be. So for this step, you’re going to log in to your analytics program, sort all your posts according to which ones receive the most traffic, and start creating those compelling calls to action.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll republish the best ones with current dates (that will move them to the front of your blog) and also add them to your social media promotion queue, so you can get more eyes on them. Or, better yet, remove the dates from your posts altogether.

And you’ll want to add evergreen blog posts to relevant autoresponder sequences, so that subscribers who’ve just met you can quickly find your best content. Don’t just wait for a chance meeting—you have to lead them to your most important information.

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Creating Resource Pages for Additional Revenue

Resource PagesResource Pages to Build Your Online Business

This post is all about how to create resource pages to build your credibility and increase your online income. Resource pages are hand-selected products and services you are recommending to your community. In contrast to a typical blog post, resource pages are designed to be a source of comprehensive information on a particular topic.  While blog posts are typically in the three hundred to seven hundred fifty word range, resource pages tends to be longer because they need to cover a subject in great detail. And they are extremely effective for a variety of reasons.

Got a website or a blog? Of course you do! But chances are it’s not as useful as it could be, just because it’s missing this vital piece: a resources page.

Your readers are curious. They want to know:

  • What tools you use in your own business
  • What training programs you’ve studied and recommend
  • What advertising platforms you use
  • What books you’ve read and loved
  • Whose blog you read
  • Who designed your logo
  • Who you turn to for technical advice
  • Where you go for marketing advice
  • And a host of other resources

In fact, next to your “About” page, a well-planned resource page might just be the most visited page on your site. Here’s an example of a great resources page:

It’s time to capitalize on that potential traffic with some strategic monetization in the form of affiliate links and partnerships. You’ll be so glad you did this after your business really takes off.

Start by making a big list of all the tools you use on a regular basis. One good way to create a list fast is to go through your passwords file. You’ll quickly see all of the sites you log into regularly, such as your shopping cart, your membership sites, your favorite theme provider, etc.

Next, think of all the training programs you’ve purchased. You probably have them stored in a folder on your computer, so open that up and make a list of what’s relevant. You can even become my affiliate by signing up here.

What about JV partners? Have you worked with other coaches or service providers you’d recommend? Even if they don’t have an official affiliate program, you may be able to work out a private referral program, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Finally, don’t forget your own products. Sometimes I get so carried away with recommending other people’s products, tools, and services I neglect to mention my own.

Be sure when you’re adding links to your page that you use your affiliate link when one is available, and be sure you have the appropriate disclaimers in place when you do.

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Taking Advantage of Your WOW Factor

Wow FactorWhat is your WOW! Factor when it comes to your online business? You might be missing the boat and shortchanging yourself if you aren’t making the most of your skills and expertise.

Early on in my career as an online marketing strategist and mentor I worked with a man who desperately wanted to build an online business. I helped him to get started with a blog, an opt in page, and even an information product, but he just couldn’t seem to get any traction and his enthusiasm waned. After working with him for a few weeks I asked what kind of work he had done previously and was shocked to hear that he had been a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for several Fortune 500 companies over a span of almost thirty years.

I quizzed him about his activities while with these companies, and it turned out he was something of an expert with Google Analytics and other programs. He had crunched numbers with lots of zeroes after them and was truly a numbers guy. So why didn’t he seize the opportunity to specialize in this area for his online business, instead of learning new skills that would take years to master? His answer was “I wanted to do something new instead of relying on what I already knew so well.”

This is common and is a huge mistake made by so many new entrepreneurs, in my opinion based on my experiences for over a decade now. The fastest way to position yourself as an expert is to present yourself as an expert. Does this make sense?

If there is something you’re good at, or have experience with this could be the Wow! Factor that will catapult you to success…

Are you a writer? If so, write every single day and wow people with your writing skill.

Experienced with PowerPoint or Keynote? Create presentations that wow people regularly and make them comment on what you create.

Do you have a background in sales? Wow us with your ability to persuade and market in ways that make us hungry to learn your methods.

On the other hand, make sure not to underwhelm us by stooping to mediocrity.  Sloppy writing, so-so slide presentations, and sales efforts that fall short of the mark will work against you in the minds of your prospects and clients. When they learn of your background they will sense an incongruity and look elsewhere for people to follow and to learn from. One blog post, one PowerPoint, or one sales effort can define you as an online entrepreneur. Be careful and heed what I am advising here.

The bottom line is this: Make the additional effort and go the extra mile to wow us with what comes naturally to you. You’ll make a name for yourself quickly and build your business in a way that gives you massive credibility right out of the gate.

My Wow! Factor? Persistence, relationship building, and writing prolifically on an almost daily basis. Also, I’m a former classroom teacher so it is expected that my online teaching would be based on a structured lesson plan. This is actually my super power. I’m confident in what I do online because I know that more than 99% of others will not work as hard or with as much diligence. Now that’s a wow you can take to the bank.

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Self Publishing a Book and Building Your List

Self Publish a BookSelf-Publishing a Book and Building a List: Why This Is So Important

You have a great deal of knowledge to share, and one of the very best ways to share that is with a book. I’ve now written and published more than a dozen bestselling books and am writing here from my experiences. Self publishing a book gives you:

  • Instant expert status
  • Opportunities to speak and present to others
  • Access to an audience you might not otherwise reach
  • The opportunity to fill your sales funnel with interested, engaged readers

Here’s how:

Start by publishing on Kindle. If you’ve been blogging or creating other content for more than a few weeks, you likely already have everything you need to “write” your book. Simply gather your content, organize it in logical book format, do some light editing to make it flow well, and you’re done! Right now, take some time to see what content you have already created that could be repurposed and used to create your first, or next book.

But before you hit the “publish” button, create an offer just for Kindle readers. This can be a landing page with an opt-in offer of a related checklist, an additional resource guide, or even an audio version of your book. You’ll want to be sure it’s closely related, so downloading it is a true “no brainer” for all your book buyers, and follow up with a relevant autoresponder series.

I highly recommend using Aweber for this, as this service is inexpensive and fairly self explanatory to set up. Their customer service is very good and I am also more than happy to answer questions for you about doing this part successfully.

Pro tip: Add a link to your landing page in the front of your book, so that those who are browsing on Amazon will see it, even if they don’t buy.

Once your landing page is finished and your book is published, you can offer it for free through Kindle’s KDP Select program. Promote it heavily on social media and to your mailing list. The more downloads you generate, the higher your book will climb in the rankings (if temporarily), driving more traffic to your book—and your landing page.

Follow up with a second (and third, and fourth) book to keep the momentum and your list building going strong for years to come.

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In the Wee Hours of the Morning: 3 AM is Calling You

Wee HoursIn the wee hours of the morning, you can finally focus on your goals. You may still be awake, your mind racing with the issues you dealt with during the day, or you may have been awoken by something unknown or at least not recognizable. Stirred from sleep, you make your way to a place in your home where you can think, write, and dream.

If this describes an experience you have had, you are not alone. Many people wake up in the middle of the night to solve some of life’s problems, big and small. I’m not sure when this first started happening for me, but am very grateful that the experiences have continued.

Personally, I am comforted by the solace of this moment. It’s usually 3 am when I awake, and after I have convinced myself it is worth it to acknowledge this awakening I get out of bed and make my way to my desk. It is here where some of my best ideas have been conceived. I write, take notes, and ponder my future. The ideas seem to flow and the silence is music to my ears and mind.

The weight of the world is lifted gently off my shoulders and I again know and believe deep in my heart that anything is possible. It is during this time that I became a published author, a successful entrepreneur, and a person who puts others first. I had to first wrap my mind around these ideas before they could become a reality in my physical world.

My special, secret time is so meaningful to me. My mind is clear, I am focused on what I want to address, and everything comes together over the next hour or so. The wee hours of the morning give me the strength to take on the world.

I’d love to hear about your 3 am adventures. Perhaps I will combine the stories I receive in a book to share with the world.


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Body of Work – What Are You Creating?

connie-teslaIt wasn’t until I became an online entrepreneur in 2006 that I ever thought about creating a body of work. I’m defining that term to refer to “the collected output of a writer or artist, or at least a substantial part of it, over the course of their lifetime or a clearly defined period during their life.”

Once I published my first book during the summer of 2010 I became aware that all of my writing, including my blog posts, articles, short reports, eBooks, and then my completed manuscript for the book I published in paperback represented what it was that I was attempting to share with people on the topic of online marketing. Then I thought about my audio trainings, public speaking and presentations, and also my videos and saw that they were an important part of my body of work as well. In short, anything that you say or do related to your topic falls into this category, and I believe this makes you think about what you are creating and the legacy you will be leaving behind in a very unique way.

During 2016 I created online courses as a part of my “Really Simple” series, and this all began in January with my Internet Marketing Six Pack training course. For the first time since coming online more than a decade ago I cared about the impact I was having on people around the world in a way that I had never thought of before. This made me work even harder and more diligently to put together training programs that could help the people in my tribe to change their lives dramatically.

I’m not including social media as a part of the content we can create as a legacy for after we are gone. Why? Because the posts we make on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites is fleeting in the overall scheme of things. I would encourage you to spend time creating a body of work on sites that you own and control.

Do you think of what you are creating in your business as your own “body of work”? What other questions may I answer for you about this topic?

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