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Announcement: How To Get Started Online To Build Your Online Empire

Tweet Subscribe To My New Podcast: Online Marketing Tips With Connie Ragen Green My name is Connie Ragen Green and I teach people just like you how to build a profitable online business and use the basic technology needed to … Continue reading

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Marketing Your Podcast

Tweet Marketing Your Podcast The best way to increase the number of listeners you have is to tell everyone about your new podcast. If you have an email newsletter, then promote, and link to your podcast in your emails. If … Continue reading

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Podcast Tips: How to Name Your Podcast

Tweet How to Name Your Podcast Choosing a name for your podcast is very important. It not only reflects your business and your brand identity, but it also must inspire people to download it, listen to it, and to then … Continue reading

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Podcasting Equipment – What Do You Need?

Tweet Podcasting Equipment You might be under the impression that expensive equipment and a studio is required to have a successful podcast for your business. Nothing could be further from the truth. The best thing about podcasting is that you … Continue reading

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Podcasting Tips to Grow Your Business

Tweet Today I have some excellent podcasting tips for you. I have hosted two highly visible and successful podcasts since 2011. In fact, my marketing tips podcast was recently named as one of the Top 100 Small Business Podcasts of … Continue reading

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Online Marketing Tips Podcast: Podcasting Tips for Beginners

Tweet Podcasting Tips for Beginners: Online Marketing Tips Podcast Podcasting Tips for Beginners is the topic of my most recent online marketing tips podcast. I have been podcasting regularly since December of 2011, and currently have two different and popular … Continue reading

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Generosity – Is It Something You’re Born With?

Tweet Generosity is something you’re born with, I honestly believe. It has nothing at all to do with how much money you have, how well connected you are, or whether or not you believe that giving to others is optional. … Continue reading

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Marketing Your Book Online

Tweet Marketing Your Book Online If you’re looking for ways to market your book online, look no further than your blog. By this I mean your hosted WordPress blog, one that you own and control. A recent post from author … Continue reading

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Getting Traffic to Your Blog

Tweet I was reading Marlon Sanders recent post on getting traffic to your blog and wanted to share that with you. The image on the left is his infographic on this that he so kindly gave me permission to share. … Continue reading

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SEO Tips for Beginners

Tweet SEO Tips for Beginners When I first came online in 2006 I started learning about something called SEO, which stands for ‘search engine optimization’. It was a fascinating topic to me at that time, and I began setting up … Continue reading

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