Blogging For Visibility And Credibility: Business Blogging Tips

Your blog is your ‘Home on the Internet‘. I’ve been teaching this concept since 2006, yet few people make a commitment to using this powerful marketing tool and strategy to help them build a business more quickly. Here are some business blogging tips to help you get off to a productive start.

If you feel that your don’t have the time to blog, or that you will run out of things to talk about in your posts, read on for some ideas that will make a huge difference.

Blog Regularly

Blogging regularly, two or three times a week, will extend your visibility and increase your credibility in your niche. This content can then be leveraged in many ways, giving you a distinct advantage over your competition. It also will bring you many more leads and opportunities over time. Make a schedule for yourself, and include three one hour time block each week that will be devoted exclusively to posting to your blog. I like to do this on Saturday morning, as well as on Tuesday and Thursday. I have more ideas and energy early in the morning, so my time block is from seven to eight in the morning on those three days.

As a classroom teacher I knew that readers are writers, and that applies to online entrepreneurs as well. Spend time each week reading the other blogs in your niche, leaving comments, and getting some ideas for future posts. Tracking back to some of these posts will also bring you to attention from more established bloggers and others in your field, and you never know where that might lead.

I keep a small notepad next to my desk, and that’s where I make notes on what I will be writing about in the future. That way, I only have to look at what I have written to get started right away with a new post. Sometimes I use the categories from my blog to decide what to write about. I simply go down the list and choose a new subject to fit each category.

You can get ideas for new blog posts from everyone you speak to, news articles, and even from social media. Over time you will even want to trade posts with others using something called guest blogging. This is an excellent way to increase your visibility and make lifelong connections with others in your niche.

My Weekly Podcast Series

During 2012 I began hosting a podcast each week. These thirty minute interviews, which are just casual conversations between me and others I have connected with, make for a great blog post each week. This is a way for me to add content to my site, while also tapping into the power of the iTunes channel to reach more people over time. People are much more likely to agree to be on my podcast because they see how much it has helped others. Check out my podcasts and subscribe at no cost whatsoever.

The 21 Day Productivity Challenge

Another strategy I’ve used twice now is to create an e-course as a blog post. I called it the 21 Day Productivity Challenge, and added one item each day over a course of twenty-one days. Now I send people to that post so they can get started right away and learn more about me and what I do in the process.

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2 Responses to Blogging For Visibility And Credibility: Business Blogging Tips

  1. Barbara Shreve says:

    Connie-Thank you for your good information on blogging. You are concise on how often and ideas of what to include in the blog. Barbara

  2. Mark

    I’m definitely taken your sage advice to heart Connie!

    I’m definitely increasing my blogs visibility and credibility, by continuously posting fresh problem solving content for my target audience.

    And I definitely need to expand my potential audience, by beginning a podcast series as well!

    And you are so right, there are practically an endless supply of potential inspirations, to create content.
    Mark recently posted…Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Know Exactly Where To Look For True Inspiration!My Profile

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