Getting Your Piece of the Affiliate Pie

Whether you are new to working online or have been making money on the internet for a few years now, you should know that there is a lot of opportunity when it comes to affiliate marketing. When I was just starting out I didn’t want to promote other people’s eBooks and programs. I was very busy writing my own eBook and didn’t want to spend time on anything else. What I finally realized was that I could start making money within weeks by promoting other people’s products and services by becoming an affiliate for them.

First, I signed up for a free account over at Clickbank. Then I began to search for products that I could make money from by writing articles and blog posts. When I figured out how difficult it was to find anything on Clickbank, I signed up for a year over at Clickbank Prosearch. This service makes it simple to search for products using keywords, and then promote them through your affiliate link at Clickbank. I use the two sites simultaneously; ProSearch allows me to find the products and Clickbank sends me a check every two weeks.

The way that I actually promote these products is by writing articles about them and submitting them to the article directories on a regular basis. I also blog about them, if the topic is compatible with the topic of my blog. You may want to set up an additional blog to promote to a different niche market.

You can also become an affiliate for someone who you have taken a class with on have purchased products from in the past. Look on their site to see if they already have an affiliate program or contact them directly. Either way, you will make money by promoting for others while you are writing an eBook of your own.

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