Getting Started Online With Niche Marketing

There are many ways to get started online with an Internet business. I believe that anyone can do this successfully. It all begins with your desire to earn money, either on a part or full-time basis; an idea as to the area, referred to as your niche, where you will focus your time and attention; and then setting up a website where you will connect with the people who are interested in learning more about your topic.

The fastest and easiest way to pull this all together is through the use of a mini-site. This is also referred to as niche site marketing. These are three or four page websites that can be set up and published online in less than an hour. Everyone who does any type of business on the Internet these days knows that mini-sites are excellent for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), visibility, and diversification within your income streams.

Start by choosing a domain that will include a keyword phrase for what you want to be found for when someone does a search on Google or Bing. If your business is a local one, then be sure to include the name of the city, preferably after the name of the industry. For example, is preferable to over time you will need many domains, including your name. The dot com (.com) is the best one to have, unless you are doing work with a charitable organization. If the dot com is not available, you can always back order it from a registrar such as GoDaddy and they will let you know when it’s available for you to purchase. Domains will cost you just under ten dollars per year. I have almost six hundred of them currently, and they are all earning me money in various ways.

Hosting is the next piece of this. The hosting company allows your domain to actually live somewhere on the Internet. I recommend and use Blue Host ( is my link for them) because they have excellent customer service and are especially patient with ‘newbies’. They also allow you to host an unlimited number of domains with just one account. This runs about seventy dollars per year.

Now that you have the necessary pieces in place, use the one-click installation to set up your site with WordPress. Most of us earning money on the Internet use WordPress for all of our sites because it is simple to use and the search engines rank our sites more easily. Write a few paragraphs on your topic to start this process quickly.

A mini-site only requires that you have a few pages. The ‘home’ page is where people will typically land when they find your site. Make sure to use a picture of yourself and tell visitors a little bit about yourself. Add an opt in box so you can begin building your list. Then it’s time to turn your site into one that will generate income. I recommend using the AdSense and Amazon programs to begin with, and these can be set up quickly and easily.

Sign up as an Amazon affiliate by visiting and scrolling to the bottom of the page. They will give you step by step instructions on how to get started. For AdSense, go to to start your account. Both of these programs, Amazon and AdSense, have strict rules that must be followed. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with what they are looking for so you don’t run into any problems down the road.

The idea is to write something about your topic and then have the ads on your page bring in the income. The more specific you are the better. For example, instead of writing about trains, write about collecting narrow gauge model trains. Train enthusiasts spend lots of money and are always searching for more information. If your niche is about having fish as pets, be more specific and write about keeping a salt water aquarium at home. You get the idea. Niche site marketing will bring you passive and residual income for years to come.

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  1. Jean Johnson says:

    I have been trying in various ways to earn money on line. Honestly I am not a techie. I have a website from which I get lots of comments daily, but I am not making sales with the postings from Amazon. I have bought CDs on kindle publishing for a whole lot, but have not used them. I have done more too, but let me leave the rest out. Trying to save my self by being cautious.

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