Self Publishing On Kindle And Nook For Residual Online Income

Advancing yourself and your business by becoming a published author has become simpler than ever. Now you can self-publish your writing on the Kindle and the Nook almost effortlessly. You can do so without a middle man, without a publisher, and essentially free, as neither Amazon or Barnes & Noble charge for publishing on their systems. They do take a cut, of course, of your sales, but in the end, you still end up with more of your money than you would if you had published the traditional route.

I have now done this a number of times, and you can take a look at all of my books at my Amazon author page. This has given me credibility, increased my visibility, and added an additional stream of residual online income.

It will take you some time to format your books properly for each system but both make it very easy to do so. Create your book with a word-processing software, then save as an .html file then simply upload the .html file with your cover art to both Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook, and you’re done. Wait for approval, and start promoting your book. Both Kindle’s Direct Publishing and the Nook’s Pubit system allow .html uploads so there is no reason to create the files in any other way than this because you can “kill two birds with one stone” by using this method.

The important part of the advent of publishing books is that once you’re on Amazon or Barnes & Noble you’re a legitimate author and can promote yourself as such. Being a published author has been a tried and true method of marketing for many types of businesses long before the arrival of eBooks or paperback books. In some circles, your published book is your calling card. Additionally, many online marketers published eBooks and promoted them on their websites, and via places like Clickbank, before the ability to publish so easily on these venues arose. Book publishing on Amazon and Barnes & Noble is now an exciting and lucrative addition to your publishing options.

It is very important not to take the ease at which you can publish, lightly. Create publications you’re proud of showing off and promoting, and you can’t go wrong. While you will have to charge less per book using these venues than when you sell and promote an eBook on your own website and sales pages, you will have a larger audience in which to promote your book and more eyes will see it. Use each system to their fullest advantage to promote your book, and use your book to promote your business. In this way, you will have the best of both worlds.

Consider hiring an editor to help you edit the book. Even if you’ve previously sold it on your own, via other means, ensure that mistakes are taken out, and information is updated. Next, don’t skimp on your cover art. If you have a cover now that is not high quality, it is important to change the cover by creating or outsourcing the creation of a killer cover. People do buy books based on their cover, and the information provided about what’s inside, so do all in your power to have not only good inside content, but also professionally created art and outside content.

I highly recommend Vaughan Davidson over at eBook Covers and Graphics. His work is excellent, and he has a quick turnaround time. Be sure to tell him I sent you. Best of success with this, and please let me know if you have any questions or comments on adding this lucrative business model to what you are working towards online.


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6 Responses to Self Publishing On Kindle And Nook For Residual Online Income

  1. Thanks for the tips Connie! I’m working on my first Kindle book now.

  2. Sue Kasson says:

    Connie, so very true! I have 2 recent publications on Kindle & Amazon gives you your own author page. This page has my most recent blot post & tweets. I make sure that link is in my signature file. It is excellent ‘Internet real estate’!

  3. Can we expect to see Inner Games come to kindle soon?

    • Connie Ragen Green

      Kim – It was wonderful to meet you in person at the NAMS event. Yes, The Inner Game of Internet Marketing will be available soon for Kindle. Thanks so much for asking.

      Connie Ragen Green

  4. Marianne says:

    Thank you so much for your advice. I highly appriciate it. I thought of publishing with GRIN – I thought it could be an easy and cheap way (from what I know they also do kindle amazon). Any experiences to share – would love to hear from you.

  5. Greg V. says:

    Two questions…..

    So I don’t have to choose platforms? I can publish on nook and Kindle and iBook without agreeing to single platform exclusivity?

    Also, the entire purpose of my book is to analyze a classic movie (specifically, “It’s a Wonderful Life”). Are there movie rights I need to get permission for to quote many lines from the film, or more importantly, to use movie stills throughout the book? If you don’t have knowledge about this, can you recommend anyone who does?

    Your advice is greatly appreciated,
    -Greg V.

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